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Tutorial 1

How do I print anything I can see on the screen?

The most basic method is to position the lens over the part of the desktop you want to print. Then simply press the Capture key (Print Screen), followed by the Print key (default Q). The lens Capture and Copy commands are by keyboard only.

A more accurate way would be to capture the desktop or application window first. Then crop out the area to be printed with the drag box tool. Finally, the print can be carefully set up with the print preview facility.

Setting up to capture the desktop, selecting the desktop view.

Selecting Desktop View Selecting desktop view from the view menu

Setting to capture minimised so that Screen Imp is not in the view.

Selecting Capture Minimized Selecting capture minimised from the capture options menu

Now hit the capture button or press the Windows Print Screen key to take the snapshot. Then the actual area we want to print can be marked out with the drag box tool. So here in image list view, we simply adjust the drag box, and take a new snapshot.

Cropping Out the Desired Area About to capture the drag box tool content

Finally, the new image can be printed. The printer settings and page margins can be arranged with the print preview facility.

Printing the Cropped Out Area About to print from the print preview window
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