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Ideal Flight Development: Ideal Flight will continue to be developed and improved as necessary.

  • Current original IF10 FSX/FSX-SE version; Ideal Flight v 10.012sk, July 8, 2017.
  • Current Special Edition FSX/FSX-SE version; Ideal Flight v 10.014fd, July 8, 2017.
  • Current Professional P3D v2/3 version; Ideal Flight v 10.015pc, July 8, 2017.


Fixes and Improvements coming soon in [sl] (orig), [fe] (Special Ed) [pd] (Pro):

All versions:

  • Unable to Paste (CTRL+V) routes over 20 characters - fixed.
  • Slider adjusted Mixture and Prop values doubled - fixed.
  • Fixed a couple of graphic glitches.
  • Fixed A2A-T6 Hand Prop unreliability.
  • Improved slightly the flight termination with crashes.

>augmented and Prepar3D versions:

  • Unable to load PMDG .rte and .rt2 files to extract route - fixed.
  • Included distances and total distance columns in .csv files.

Prepar3D version:

  • Fixed problems loading external flights.

Fixes and Improvements appeared in latest release versions from 8th July 2017:

All versions: now at [sk] [fd] [pc] from 8/7/16.

  • Fixed disabled Launch Saved Flight (CD button).
  • In-sim menu Fuel Report pre-initialisation fixed.
  • Airports list Filtered Airports subset fixed.
  • Setup and Removal, Explorer interaction fixed.
  • Soft and Water Strips Airports Subsets included, created and updated with Scenery Indexing.
  • Fixed problem with runway direction prediction when conditions are near equal.
  • Briefing route table now shows approach altitudes with TOC/TOD waypoints disabled.
  • Briefing route table runway lines show direction from/to fix instead of runway heading.
  • Flight file uses short date to avoid possible unwanted characters from verbose text date.
  • Planner improved runway choice with multiple runways of the same direction in use.
  • Moved "Pause at TOD" checkbox from Cold & Dark to "Other Settings" page.
  • Better ordered place names in aircraft location dropdown list, on flight generation page.
  • Fixed engine cutout when helicopter advancing.
  • New airport maps show runway LOC/DME/ILS frequencies and headings.
  • New airport maps show zoomed parking areas with numbering, and taxi path lettering.
  • New airport maps zoomed parking images split into quadrants when airports are very big.
  • Profile information html now includes flight time per aircraft, and some minor improvements.
  • Score minimum 1% with un-committed profiles, a journey can continue irrespective of score.
  • Fixed "Start Other Apps" test run button.
  • Improved simulator core affinity control.
  • Added HTML button "View Airport Map" to Flight Generator page.
  • In-sim menu, new Gain Altitude item, handy for gliders.
  • Fixed rare navdata problem, results in build failure.
  • Hold down Shift or Control to reverse World Map zoom sequence.
  • Start Apps Process Affinity functions made accessible across all versions.
  • Fixed Start Apps folder picker, can become lost behind window.
  • Fixed visibility layer mismatch with some add-in weather station locations.
  • Fixed some graphical errors, and prevented Settings page resurface.
  • Fixed Aircraft Copy Params function, copies parameters and creates discrete Monitor files.
  • Fixed some problems with German text.
  • Alternate airports listed in briefing for helicopter routes.
  • New front page UI for assigning custom aircraft folders saves editing Settings.ini file.
  • Fixed missing Max Airspeed assessment.
  • Fixed some problems with new UI for adding aircraft folders.
  • Fixed missing Max Airspeed assessment.
  • Fixed a problem with certain weather where max altitude and speed were unrecorded in the de-brief.
  • Finished Airport Maps runways graphics.
  • Improved Route maps.
  • Fixed some approach leg times shown in briefing.
  • Fixed problem where cancelling list selection reverts to defaults.
  • Fixed incorrect time shown in briefing route table on final.
  • Fixed general flight distance showing in briefing.
  • Enabled wind directions and speeds for computing runway predictions with external weather systems.
  • Improved Help system.
  • Start Other Apps, list index error, checking an item in non-edit mode, fixed.
  • Start Other Applications can take an Affinity Mask as a parameter to start apps in a predefined affinity space.
  • Taxi path names back in maps and settings for taxi names in large and small maps.
  • Other Settings Save button reacts to Pause time changes correctly.
  • Paused (C&D) starting flight situation respected with saved flights.
  • External saved flight loading problems fixed.
  • Weather themes enabled when IF10 weather is disabled.
  • Weather system now includes override total disable, added to other settings.
  • Improved METAR file weather input system.
  • Improved handling of external scenario and flight file loading.
  • Automatic recovery of lost registration data (when applicable).
  • More time period information added to sim logs.
  • Improved Start Other Programs information in htmls.
  • Added "Program GPS for flight" disable in Cold & Dark section.
  • Fixed restore of AP Altitude Hold with saved flights.
  • Auto-pause and auto-save improvements.
  • Randomiser avoids choosing repeat destinations fixed.
  • Several minor improvements with the installer and within the user interface.
  • Winini screen resize; interface update odd button graphic fixed.
  • Fixed problem with C & D setting "Load After".

>augmented and Prepar3D versions:

  • Dash8 MJC Q400 1.018 FMC file changes.
  • Html Profile, Sim Config file report section fixed.
  • Sim Config full report included on aircraft selection page popup menu.
  • AIRAC Integrated, enabled scenery grass strips even if not detailed in AIRAC.
  • Jobscheduler setup improved starting other apps with core affinity from IF10.
  • Generate .csv file settings now available on "Other Settings" page.
  • When .csv file recording is set, Records icon shows "oscilloscope trace" graphic.
  • .csv file includes fps Delta standard deviation and variance computations.
  • VAS information in .csv files includes VAS % usage.
  • New Ai Shadow Reset Nearby menu item, repositions Ai Buddy nearby during flight.
  • Fixed missing exception reports.
  • Fixed problems affecting AIRAC routes into STARs and out of SIDs.
  • Added SID and STAR lists in airport information, briefing, and maps.
  • SID and STAR information options settable for Departure and Destination.
  • SID and STAR route selection improved overall.
  • STARs feature improved final approaches.
  • Complete overhaul of PMDG, iFly, Level-D, AXE, and IF10 AIRAC Nav Data set support.
  • Some issues arising from listing and choosing SID/STAR/Approaches fixed.
  • In-sim window control menu includes "Maximize to Desktop" setting for multi-monitor systems.
  • Convenient UI forms for setting .csv functions, enabling data capture items, and delay value.
  • Fixed error in iFly export file format.
  • Improved Range markings on world map and improved Help.

>augmented versions:

  • Show opening screen setting could remain off - fixed.
  • Included Caption-less and Border-less main window for when not maximized.

FSX versions:

  • IF10 setup with FSX-Steam Edition, Other Settings menu item improved to enable and disable admin requirement with FSX-SE.

Prepar3D version:

  • Prepar3D v 2/3 Selectable during Install/Update.
  • Option to install for Legacy FSX SP2 Simconnect v61259.
  • Caption-less and Border-less window implemented correctly for P3D.
  • Scenario mode now defaults to: menus unlocked, unless IF10 profile is set to 'Committed'.
  • Flight file AvatarMode section fixed.
  • Improved reliability restoring Autopilot functions with saved flights.
  • Aircraft crash reset improved.
  • Fixed P3D system time to work with default flight files.
  • Location of dll.xml and exe.xml defaults to \ProgramData with v3. Use Config.ini [FSAltSetup] items FSDLL= and FSEXE= to point to the old folder location if required with v3.

IF10 Special Edition and Professional versions only:

  • Expanded FS Affinity Control EFSA+M Instructs the Windows jobscheduler to target unused cores with simulator sub-processes.

IF10 >augmented Special Edition and Professional versions only:

  • Graphing display function for data recordings.

The Ideal Flight installation program has to check your FSX installation and may appear suspicious to your security software. The security program does this as a precautionary measure to guard against malware. Please choose to continue the Ideal Flight installation as it is perfectly safe to do so.

Compatibility: Ideal Flight is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. No need to set Administrator Privileges or compatibility settings. If compatibility settings are changed the program may fail to install or run correctly.

Registration requires an internet connection.

Although unlikely, it is possible another kind of add-on may produce unexpected results within Ideal Flight. Please report back if any problems are encountered.

If sufficient help cannot be located in the Forum discussions, please use the email address on the Contact page for support issues.

Fixes and improvements reported will be available in the next update. Please visit the Download page for the latest version.

There is a version checking function; right click the start page for the popup menu - please choose "Ideal Flight Version Check".

Please let us know if you find a bug or just want to pass comment. Any comments are welcome, please see the Contact page for more information, or use the Forum discussions.

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