Ideal Flight 10:
Report Page

Ideal Flight Development: Ideal Flight will continue to be developed and improved as necessary.

Reports: Update coming shortly

  • Improved performance.
  • Added briefing information includes altitude graphs.
  • Dual save flight slots, second slot receives prior save.
  • Profile Glyph: Recolour or drop/open jpg, png and bmp.
  • Aircraft Page Glyph: Drop or open a screenshot for the Aircraft image on the page.
  • Adjustable clear text throughout. Replaces retro-fonts.
  • Minimize to Taskbar when flights are launched by IF, see Settings.
  • Added finger pointer to icons and buttons.
  • QA added Closing IF during flight build and other helpful additions throughout.
  • Pro and >augmented versions: Exports show typical paths when viewing file types.
  • P3D versions: Package order fixed; handles some path inconsistencies in xml.
  • Interface repaint fault causing slowdown and artefacts - fixed.
  • Gear down, engine cut after advances, restores - fixed.
  • Pages changes allow glimpses of the backgrounds - fixed.
  • Change of profile: Searches in old search location - fixed.
  • Destination dropdown "Alt Ft" shows meters: Changed to feet - fixed.
  • Pro and >augmented versions: Switch AIRAC/Sim frequencies - fixed.

Interim updates available on the support forum

The Ideal Flight installation program has to check your FSX installation and may appear suspicious to your security software. The security program does this as a precautionary measure to guard against malware. Please choose to continue the Ideal Flight installation as it is perfectly safe to do so.

Compatibility: Ideal Flight is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. No need to set Administrator Privileges or compatibility settings. If compatibility settings are changed the program may fail to install or run correctly.

Registration requires an internet connection.

Although unlikely, it is possible another kind of add-on may produce unexpected results within Ideal Flight. Please report back if any problems are encountered.

If sufficient help cannot be located in the Forum discussions, please use the email address on the Contact page for support issues.

Fixes and improvements reported will be available in the next update. Please visit the Download page for the latest version.

There is a version checking function; right click the start page for the popup menu - please choose "Ideal Flight Version Check".

Please let us know if you find a bug or just want to pass comment. Any comments are welcome, please see the Contact page for more information, or use the Forum discussions.

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