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Ideal Flight Development: Ideal Flight will continue to be developed and improved as necessary.

30/November/2022 - Fixes and improvements in this release:

IF Professional (P3D v4/5 64bit) version only:

  • New: Aware of P3D v5.3 core affinity extensions.
  • Improved: CPU Window tool, menu items, layout and information extended.
  • Improved: CPU Gauge tool, menu items extended.
  • Improved: Setup now includes backups of "add-ons.cfg" files during installation.
  • Fixed: With HT disabled CPUs, Data Recording now logging chosen core# throughput.
  • Fixed: With HT enabled CPUs, CPU Window tool now shows correct max throughput LP# instead of first LP of that core.
  • Fixed: With CPU logging enabled and ending an un-paused, un-commenced flight, the Assessment page might not show.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when starting up on some P3D v5.3 systems.

IF Professional (P3D v4/5 64bit), IF 10 Professional (P3D v2/3 32bit) and IF 10 Special Edition >augmented (FSX/FSX:SE) versions only:

  • Improved: Data Recording Delay menu item shows recording delay in seconds.
  • Improved: Data Recording Separator Character menu item shows which is chosen, Tab or Comma.
  • Improved: Some minor changes to frame rate data recording.

IF Professional (P3D v4/5 64bit) and IF 10 Special Edition >augmented (FSX/FSX:SE) versions only:

  • Improved: Assist Hot Keys now make a button click sound.
  • Improved: Assist settings work without voice assist enabled.
  • Fixed: Climb Assist did not switch to upper climb rate automatically.
  • Fixed: Assist window might not list alternative locations.

IF Professional (P3D v4/5 64bit) and IF 10 Special Edition (FSX/FSX:SE) versions only:

  • New: Departure Map shows suggested Taxi Route from parking to runway.
  • New: Briefing shows suggested Taxi Route from parking to runway.

IF 10 Professional (P3D v2/3 32bit) and IF 10 Original (FSX/FSX:SE) versions only:

  • Fixed: Tow Cable attach/release and Lights reported incorrectly in assessment.

IF 10 Special Edition (FSX/FSX:SE) and IF 10 Original (FSX/FSX:SE) versions only:

  • Fixed: Payload manual entry restricts values to 100.

All versions:

  • New: Start Other Programs function now includes Close with sim and Close with Ideal Flight.
  • New: Export function to delete PMDG PanelState save game files during new flight builds.
  • New: Records page menu, log and view simulator config changes.
  • New: Startup menu, startup behaviour, estimate and set simulator AffinityMask.
  • Improved: Start Other Programs edit window behaviour and Accessibility.
  • Improved: Self core affinity selection during simulation.
  • Improved: Some minor changes to weather simulation.
  • Improved: Some minor changes to profile information html.
  • Improved: Dialog windows (OK, Cancel etc.) appear centred over current form rather than always main form.
  • Improved: Some minor menu changes.
  • Improved: Startup load time includes for restart behaviour.
  • Improved: Runways with only one start location can be selected in either direction.
  • Improved: Aircraft location at Gates with respect to Jetways.
  • Improved: Better handling of airports with no runways defined.
  • Fixed: Message text missing when resetting thermals file in setup screen.
  • Fixed: Some default settings after fresh install not optimum.
  • Fixed: Flight build might fail with insufficient information in the Aircraft Flight Parameters page.
  • Fixed: Possible exception in the WinSxS SimConnect list.
  • Fixed: Possible exception when progress window is completed.
  • Fixed: Possible ILS frequency missing in AIRAC data.
  • Fixed: Showing wrong parking location after changing departure airport.
  • Fixed: Default file picker dialog for OS versions > Win7 - (SimpleFileDialog=False).
  • Fixed: AI Aircraft Selection list window checked items inconsistent.
  • Fixed: In-SIm menu, Restart IF Monitor not restarting Pushback.
  • Fixed: Profile Page Names List is confused with more than 9 Profiles.
  • Fixed: Gross weight might exceed maximum permitted with random payload setting.

Preview beta builds with these new functions, improvements and fixes are available from the forum: Visit the Latest Builds page for Preview versions.

Please see Download page for release versions.

Updates in the last release:

29/November/2021 - Fixes and improvements:

All versions:

  • New: Popup message shows incomplete simulator installation or missing folders. Simulator should be run once after install to complete setup prior to starting Ideal Flight.
  • Improved: Aircraft parameters Ascent Speed changed to Knots from percent of cruise speed.
  • Improved: All sound files optimised and equalised.
  • Improved: Error checking and reporting of added-in scenery and navigation data.
  • Improved: Aircraft indexing performance adding and removing aircraft.
  • Improved: Keyword handling for Exported file names, e.g. "ICAO;ICAO.xml" converts to "EGPF;LFRH.xml".
  • Improved: Static Pitch - final pitch included in assessment.
  • Improved: Static Pitch deducted from take-off and landing pitch assessment records.
  • Improved: Altitude-Speed Restriction now included in briefing.
  • Improved: Airport maps now show the runway hold short graphic lines.
  • Improved: User aircraft starts accurately parked next to jet passenger bridge.
  • Improved: Aircraft Index ignores drones and unmanned aircraft.
  • Improved: All active controls highlighted for visual awareness.
  • Improved: In-flight advances reposition aircraft with attitude level irrespective of current attitude.
  • Fixed: Accessibility - Non-automatic screen reader settings could stop the program.
  • Fixed: Assessment showing Fuel Used with 0.00 Lb, 0.00 kg and missing Range values.
  • Fixed: Spacebar setting in checklists moved focus to another item.
  • Fixed: Pasting into search text box no longer pops up new route input box.
  • Fixed: Exit Flight menu operations no longer wait for timeout.
  • Fixed: Aircraft with files of type "UTC-8 with BOM" now selectable (e.g. MV350i).
  • Fixed: Mph Display checkbox was not set correctly.
  • Fixed: In-sim menu item "Advance to WP" shows when On or Off.
  • Fixed: Airports with remote Tower only showing the Tower location in maps.
  • Fixed: When adding to a subset the message box could show a different subset name.

IF Professional (P3D v4/5 64bit) and IF10 Special Edition plus >augmented (FSX/FSX:SE) versions only:

  • New: Accessibility - Works with latest NVDA versions (2021+).
  • New: Assist function for Pushback Control and Voice Reporting Pushback operations.
  • New: Assist function steers to runway centre-line.
  • New: Assist Take-off and Climb with runway steering and gear up and flaps retract.
  • New: Assist function to engage autopilot GPS route.
  • New: Assist function to control aircraft speeds with throttle.
  • New: Choice of Drum sounds to replace Voice messages when Localizer and Glideslope are captured.
  • New: Assist Landing with runway steering and reverse thrust and spoiler aiding braking and flaps retract.
  • Improved: Voice and Assist pages activate from F3 (Voice) and F4 (Assist) keys.
  • Improved: Some speech not pronouncing capitals individually.
  • Voice callout for HSI, GSI (Glide Slope) refers to aircraft location, "% Below" is below glideslope.
  • Voice callouts for HSI, CDI (Course Direction) refers to aircraft location, "% Left" is left of runway.

IF10 Professional (P3D v2/3), Original IF10 and IF10 Special Edition (FSX/FSX:SE) versions only:

  • Fixed: Some settings not saved with Build button, Flight Generator page.
  • Fixed: Possibility of not closing with Flight Generator page Exit button.

Professional and >augmented versions only:

  • Improved: FMS-3000 format now included with Exported file types.
  • Improved: Performance increased for building flights with AIRAC loaded and traffic enabled.
  • Improved: Selected SID and STAR properly highlighted in briefing.
  • Fixed: Problem reading SIDs from PMDG AIRAC finding airways waypoint.
  • Fixed: Problem reading SIDs from AXE, iFly, and Level-D AIRAC on Left/Right/Centre runway designations.

Original IF10 (FSX) and IF10 Pro (P3D v2/3) versions only:

  • Fixed: Maps not showing.

IF Professional (P3D v4/5 64bit) version only:

  • Fixed: Prepar3D v5 missing comms and runway lights data in briefing.
  • Fixed: Prepar3D v5 some missing runway features in maps.
  • Fixed: Avoids a "Cannot load settings" message during setup on some systems.

IF 10 Professional (P3D v2/3 32bit) and IF Professional (P3D v4/5 64bit) versions only:

  • Fixed: Auto-addon scenery masking works with all scenery install types.

The Ideal Flight installation program has to check your simulator installation and may appear suspicious to your security software. The security program does this as a precautionary measure to guard against malware. Please choose to continue the Ideal Flight installation as it is perfectly safe to do so.

Compatibility: Ideal Flight is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. No need to set Administrator Privileges or compatibility settings. Changing compatibility settings on the installer program can cause it to fail to install or run correctly.

Registration requires an internet connection.

Although unlikely, it is possible another kind of add-on may produce unexpected results within Ideal Flight. Please report back if any problems are encountered.

If sufficient help cannot be located in the Forum discussions, please use the email address on the Contact page for support issues.

Fixes and improvements reported will be available in the next update. Please visit the Download page for the latest version.

There is a version checking function; right click the start page for the popup menu - please choose "Ideal Flight Version Check".

Please let us know if you find a bug or just want to pass comment. Any comments are welcome, please see the Contact page for more information, or use the Forum discussions.

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