Ideal Flight Pilot Profile
Ideal Flight Pilot: Joe Pilot

Ideal Flight Pilot Profile

Pilot Rating: Flight Cadet
Flight Consistency: 100.00 %
Total Score: 100 Points

Pilot ID: 4. Flights Logged: 1
Flight Time Accumulated: 0:02:25
Normal Sim Rate Accumulated Time: 0:02:25

Departure Airport Image

Airport: EGFF, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Date and Time: 01 June 2014 06:15
Flights per Year: Unlimited

User Aircraft

User Aircraft: Beechcraft Baron 58 TC
Variation: White/Red Stripes
Aircraft Identifier: N72FS
Situation: RWY 30,  HDG 300.8

Most Recent Flight: 100 Points, 100 %, Very Smooth Flight,
Excellent Landing, Perfect Aircraft Management
Flight Plan: Cardiff to Leeds Bradford, EGFF to EGNM
Aircraft: JA-0315, Bell 206B JetRanger, Metallic Purple
Realism: 100.00 %, Distance: 160 Nm, Landed: EGFF
Normal Sim Rate Duration: 00:02:25
Flight Time: 00:02:25, Expected: 1:45

Flight Records Breakdown: 1 Flight
Follow Flight Plan: 1

Flight Scores: 1 Flight, 100 Points, 100.00 Average
Flights Scoring 100%: 1

Aircraft Used: 1
JA-0315, Bell 206B JetRanger, Metallic Purple, 100 Points

Parked Aircraft: 1
EGFF, Cardiff, United Kingdom:
JA-0315, Bell 206B JetRanger, Metallic Purple, Parking 2

Airports Visited: 1

Flight Parameters: Beechcraft Baron 58 TC
Approximate Range (Nm, h:m): 650, 03:05
Maximum Cruise Altitude (Feet): 12000
Preferred Cruise Altitude (% of Max): 70
Cruise Airspeed (Knots True): 210
Ascent Airspeed (% of Cruise): 85
Initial Ascent Rate (Feet/Min): 700
Mid Altitude Point (Feet): 4000
Mid Ascent Rate (Feet/Min): 500
High Altitude Point (Feet): 7000
High Ascent Rate (Feet/Min): 500
Descent Rate (Feet/Min): 1500
Minimum Runway Length and Width (Feet): 3000 x 30
Instruments display speeds in mph: No
Victor Airways Routes: Yes

Mission and Monitor
Maintenance Locations: No
Sea Searches: Yes

Enable Equipment Damage: No
Equipment Damage Flaps: Yes
Equipment Damage Gear: Yes

Probability Induced Failures: Failures Disabled

Failure Messages: Yes
G-Force Failures: Yes

Engine Failures: Yes
Engine 1 Failure: Yes
Engine 2 Failure: Yes
Engine 3 Failure: Yes
Engine 4 Failure: Yes

Instrument Failures: Yes
Instrument Fail ADF: Yes
Instrument Fail Airspeed: Yes
Instrument Fail Altimeter: Yes
Instrument Fail Attitude: Yes
Instrument Fail Comm: Yes
Instrument Fail Compass: Yes
Instrument Fail Electrical: Yes
Instrument Fail Engine: Yes
Instrument Fail Heading: Yes
Instrument Fail Vertical Velocity: Yes
Instrument Fail Transponder: Yes
Instrument Fail Nav: Yes
Instrument Fail Pitot: Yes
Instrument Fail Vacuum: Yes

Brake Failures: Yes
Brake Failure Total Brake Failure: Yes
Brake Failure Left Brake: Yes
Brake Failure Right Brake: Yes

Other Failures: Yes
Other Failure Vacuum: Yes
Other Failure Electrical: Yes
Other Failure Hydraulic: Yes
Other Failure Pitot Blockage: Yes
Other Failure Static Port Blockage: Yes

Soft Runway Surfaces Preferred: No
Loose Runway Surfaces Preferred: No
Surfaces Allowed: Firm
Surfaces Allowed: Loose
Surfaces Allowed: Soft

Monitor Engines: Yes
Monitor Fuel Pumps: Yes
Monitor Parking Brakes: Yes
Monitor Flaps: Yes
Monitor Lights: Yes
Monitor No Smoking Signs: No
Monitor Seatbelt Signs: No
Monitor Slope: No
Assess Flight Time: Yes
Assess Cruise Speed: Yes
Assess Overspeed: Yes
Assess Stalled: Yes
Assess Flap Overspeed: Yes
Assess Flap Damage: Yes
Assess Gear Overspeed: Yes
Assess Gear Damage: Yes
Assess Gear Impact Limit: Yes
Measurement Speeds (Nm/h): Start, Stop, Knots: 30, 30
Advance To, Minutes to Go: WP, TOD (m:s): 1:0, 1:0

Approach Selected: Medium Approach
Approach Leg Times, Long: 6:0, 4:0, 4:0, 4:0, 4:0
Approach Leg Times, Medium: 5:0, 3:0, 3:0, 3:0, 3:0
Approach Leg Times, Short: 4:0, 2:0, 2:0, 2:0, 2:0
(Approach Leg Times; Final, 30, 90, Init, TOD:
Final Leg Time, 30 Leg Time, 90 Leg Time,
Minimum Second Leg Time, Minimum First Leg Time)

Show approach waypoints in briefing route table: Yes
Show approach waypoints in briefing route strings: No
Show approach waypoints in briefing route map: No

Max AI Count: 10
Hide Parked Aircraft: Yes
En-route airports running Ai: Yes
Allow any smaller aircraft activity at large airfields: Yes
Allow occasional smaller aircraft activity at large airfields: No

Cold and Dark Items: Default Settings
Fuelled for the Route: Yes        Avionics Items Set: Yes
Engines Started: Yes              Avionics Power On: Yes
Magneto Switches On: Yes          Autopilot Items Set: Yes
Generator Switches On: Yes        Flight Director On: No
Battery Switches On: Yes          DME 2 Selected: Yes
Fuel Pump Switches On: No         Altimeter Calibrated: No
De-Ice Switches On: Yes           Panel Lights On: Yes
Cowl Flaps Open: No               Cabin Lights On: No
Parking Brake On: Yes             Landing Lights On: Yes
Auto Brakes On: No                Taxi Lights On: Yes
Prop Sync Switch On: No           Aircraft Lights On: Yes
Auto Feather Switch On: No        Kneeboard Showing: Yes
Paused: Yes                       ATC Showing: Yes
Pause: No                         
Load Aircraft Before Start: Yes   
Load Aircraft After Start: No     
Fuel: Selectors 0 and 1: All, All

Aircraft is Serviced: Yes
Pause at TOD: No
Set AP Speed Hold for Ascent: Yes
Set AP Heading Hold for Runway: Yes
Swap Nav 1 and Nav 2: No
Destination Navigation Settings: Yes
Swap Comm 1 and 2: Yes
Receive Both Comm 1 and 2: No

Flight Generator
Start Date and Time
01:00, 03:00, 01 June 2014 06:15
Plan Type: IFR
Plan Builder: Follow Airways
Use Today's Date: No
Keep Time to Current Time: No
Preparation Minutes: 10
Payload Quantity: 50
Taxi Fuel: 15 Minutes
Holding Pattern Fuel: 0 Minutes
Reserve Fuel: 30 Minutes
Fuel Distribution: Even
Runway Start: Yes
Default Warm Cockpit, Cold and Dark: No

Only Include Airports with ILS/Helipad: Yes
Exclude Airports with ILS/helipad: No
Only Include Airports with Tower Frequency: Yes
Exclude Airports with Tower Frequency: No
Only Include Airports with Parking Places: Yes
Exclude Airports with Parking Places: No
Only Include Cargo Airports: No
Exclude Cargo Airports: No
Only Include Airports with Fuel Parking: No
Exclude Airports with Fuel Parking: No
Only Include Airports with Military Parking: No
Exclude Airports with Military Parking: No

Searches Include Quadrant NW: Yes
Searches Include Quadrant NE: Yes
Searches Include Quadrant SW: Yes
Searches Include Quadrant SE: Yes

Airports Subset: Complete Scenery Airport Set

Weather Settings: Default
Weather Override: Dept: Automatic
Weather Override: Arrv: Automatic
Weather Severity: Normal
Wind Severity: Normal
General Visibility: Normal
Custom Low Altitude Visibility Limit: 60 Nm
Custom High Altitude Visibility Limit: 120 Nm
Thermal Lift Magnitude: Normal
Thermal Sink Magnitude: Normal
Thermal Turbulence Magnitude: Normal
Ridge Lift Magnitude: Normal
Ridge Sink Magnitude: Normal
Ridge Turbulence Magnitude: Normal
Departure Wind Speed: Automatic, (0 Kts)
Departure Wind Direction: Automatic, (0 )
Destination Wind Speed: Automatic, (0 Kts)
Destination Wind Direction: Automatic, (0 )
Enable Ideal Flight Weather: Yes
Use Add-in Weather Stations: Yes
VFR weather for VFR plans: Yes
Always force VFR weather: No
Use Cirrus and Stratus Clouds for Fog: Yes
Enable Thermal and Ridge Effects: Yes
Enable Ground Effects: Yes
High Speed Sampling: Yes
Use metar strings from metars.ini file for Ideal Flight Weather: No
ThermalDescriptions.xml File: Renamed

Browsing Airports
Show all airports: Yes

Rank Pilots by Consistency

Other Settings
In-Flight Message Time (Seconds): 45
Tower View Height (Feet): 150
Tower SimObject Directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsof...tor X\SimObjects\Misc\ControlTower
Scoreboard: Scores Order: Rank Pilots by Consistency
Scoreboard: Hide Non-Player Characters: No

Smaller Briefing Size: No
Larger Briefing Size: No

Include Destination Section: Yes
Include Departure Section: Yes
Include Navigation Section: Yes
Include Airports Section: Yes
Include Aircraft Section: Yes
Include Assessment Section: Yes
Include Notes Section: Yes
Include Graph Section: Yes
Include Quick Section: Yes
Include User Section: Yes

Briefing: Nearby Navigation Sites Listed: 5
Briefing: Nearby Airports Listed: 3

Form Size, Airport Map Size: Very Small, Medium
Background Image Pause (ms): 100
Show Menu Bar: No
System Date: No
System Time: No
Time Display Blinks: Yes
1/4m Time Display: No
Sounds: Yes
Button Hover Sounds: Yes
Button Activate Sound: Yes
Finish Task Sound: Yes
Mission (Finish Task Sound): Yes
Large World Map: Yes
Zoomed: Yes
Extra Zoomed: No

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